Stone construction for longevity of use and quality of material is presented here. With natural material for a unique pattern, tone and texture, sculptured to produce a piece of art in its own right and unique light patterns spark interest and changing the mood of a space. Imagine a space that is lit not merely with a blanket of sharp light but by an intriguing blend of subtle brightness and moody shadow. The space will be transformed when we use this lamp. Unique objects that are made using the natural and earthy qualities of stone to transform these elements into elegant functional art.
  • stone lamp 02
  • stone lamp 18
  • stone lamp 01
  • stone lamp 04
  • stone lamp 03
  • stone lamp 05
  • stone lamp 09
  • stone lamp 06
  • stone lamp 08
  • stone lamp 07
  • stone lamp 10
  • stone lamp 11
  • stone lamp 13
  • stone lamp 14
  • stone lamp 15

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